What's on your mind right now?


:joy::rofl: FFO! It won’t digest because u didn’t invite me to eat :roll_eyes:


lol… village people.


She has just lost the little fat :joy::joy:


Do you really even want to?? It doesn’t have to be complicated at all… :thinking:


Meanie! :joy::joy::joy:
Ntorr it aff digest jor. But, never again! :joy:


Nne, fat that I don’t even have :joy::sob:


She’s fine. I saw her last week. I guess new job, new challenges.


Evening chilling on my mind. Is there any @zegisters in Kano?


My mind, my mind.

Right now, this Tori Kelly’s ‘Dear No One’ is clouding up the many things already occupying my mind, doing exactly what a song like this is design to do to the mind of a single brother.

In fact, I can’t tell if it is this, or that.

‘They’ are plenty there.


Oh, that’s good to hear. I should call her up.


Deep and nice song and her voice is :ok_hand::ok_hand:


I miss the old @Zegist vibes. What’s up with everyone @zegisters ??


Very true… The conversations just dwindled.


Hey @zegisters, what’s up?

This place is too cold and the weather isn’t helping matters either!!


I think it’s a combination of things.
I’ll mention one reason…
The month of #thisisNigeria.
I think some old timers got…for lack of better word… overwhelmed…
And as with life, we kinda moved on to something else, and now it’s replaced Zegist time🤔…
I’m probably over thinking…
Old Zegist please where @ thou?


Yea and it’s sad. I miss the old gists and everyone talking about what they’ve been up to and then the hangouts. What can we do to bring that back?

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I think the ‘This is Nigeria’ competition truly didn’t help in the long run. Yes there were plenty new signups but it was evident that they only came for the money. Once it was over, they all moved on. Sadly, there weren’t so much of real conversations (that weren’t money motivated) and this just got me uninterested. These days you come online and barely find 10 people online.


NYSC on my mind o, as Camp resumption day draws near, my hrt just dey do giz giz make no go carry me go Borno State


You are so right about this.

Cc @evansakanno


Couldn’t catch up with the stories, had to stay off because no time to read them much, also work has been hectic lately