What's on your mind right now?


Change can be hard atimes. Couldn’t follow trending topics due to the ui redesign :roll_eyes: I cannur be scrolling upandan for topics …
I miss the old zegist ooo…
School and other stuff just took most of my time… Hope you’ve been good @Judy @W.O @theunofficialomotayo


I have bed, very soft one.


Yeah I miss zegisters too, but since the thisisnigeria challenge conversations kinda dwindled.
But I have been busy with work. Ha lagos is hectic!!!


Because you want the fish you became friends with the *cat.*:thinking:


It’s synonymous with the famous saying “if you want to catch a monkey, then you behave like a monkey.”
I hate this statement ehn!


Well, maybe not


You know in life we have different type of people

-People that like you because of your values
-People that like you because you are an enemy to the one they don’t like.
-People that like you because of who you are .

These explain the quote I wrote. @Judy


Lagos has always been hectic, but Zegist happens to be a place we could all unwind and forget about the hassles for a minute.

I have been up and about too, shuffling my internship with the police force, writing exams and shuffling another side hustle amongst other things. But I still miss the communal feeling we’ve always had here. Yea change is constant and inevitable.


Hectic and filthy. I miss Ibadan :disappointed_relieved::cry:


I see…you are very correct though.

Btw, is anyone experiencing a slow keyboard? Sometimes I can’t even click reply after typing a response. It’s annoying and it only happens here on Zegist so nothing is wrong with my phone.


I would give a lot to go live in ibadan now, God the simplicity and cheapness.
Just this past weekend I had to be in ibadan, and the hotel I stayed at cost 10k per night and some guys were like that hotel is “correct”

In my mind, I am like come to lagos na, that kind of hotel will cost you 20k per night.


You can write a report of your user experience to the admin to see to your complains.


I tell you, easy movement, ltitle or no traffic, peaceful atmosphere.:persevere::cry:


Espirit de corps! Espirit de corps! If anyone harasses me now, I’ll just call you straightup! :joy:.

@tuhmehskeh I’m good bro, you?


Present :raising_hand_woman:
I even logged in today after how many months, it has really been a long and busy month, I don’t know how much I have missed yet. Why not we organize an outing, now that I am back in Lagos I will be present but please let it be in Sunday :wink:


Sunday for me is a busy day…I prefer Saturday


What’s on my mind… Life.
Life and its pressures have a way of beating you down and overwhelming you (if you let it).
“Unwind” “Hangout” “Rest” - These words are almost becoming extinct.
Everyone. I repeat. Everyone, should take time out to refresh and breathe. Spend time (virtual and real) with the people who make you smile.
Life can be beautiful.


Great piece…but it is so sad this day that we are all forming “busy” and we forget our love ones…a just “how are you today?” “Hope you are fine” goes a long way…


:joy::joy::joy: I’m tired of hearing this…and being called officer on a daily. But it’s been an interesting journey so far.