What's on your mind right now?


Oya coman be going na :smirk:


Everyone needs this. To unwind, rest, mediate, reboot, rejuvenate. It is a necessity for any human that wants to remain sane in this world
How have you been @Adaego? :blush:


Wa gbe mi na :roll_eyes:


Tele nko? O wa lara awon ti o n increase population eko. I will copy and paste u back to ibadan, don’t worry.


This one go hard small oh. Remember the Erin ijesha planned trip?
Sundays are also free days for me now.


I understand, Francis. The sad truth is this: Sometimes, the people who we expect to reach out and ask us how we are doing, are actually going through some difficult times themselves, and need someone to care.
There’s really no hard and fast rule to reaching out to others.
If you miss someone its okay to reach out and say “I miss you.” :slight_smile:




Smh :joy::joy:


I see @ Adetokunle online, bruh howdy?


E Ku ile ooo… Who is at home?


So countless times, I’ve come across expressions like this “You shouldn’t criticise or pick faults in things if you can’t fix or proffer solutions to them”. Over again this evening at a design review, an acquaintance served us these same misleading lines basically because we were picking out what went wrong with a design.

This really got me stirred up and I pondered within myself, who comes up with these kind of standards?

I strongly believe that criticism (one that’s done objectively and without sentiments) is integral to development. To ask anyone to keep their thoughts to themselves because they don’t have a solution is wrong. A problem can never be solved if it’s not first identified.


Currently thinking about fried chicken and a bowl of ice cream😜


Yes… Even before you criticize, can you do/perform better than what you are against ? Because a lot of people make noise not sound.




Manage the cup of icecream, next time I will get you a bowlfb1a7ac2bc01f1cdc83ac61ff0b0c548b905c01f_1_375x500


Take chicken too


You can now have a splendid afternoon. Hahhaha




Awwwn :blush: thanks @geezybee :kissing_heart:


Erin Ijesha? When is or was that?