What's on your mind right now?


Fair than most places in lagos and roads don’t get flooded when it rains like the ones on the island :smirk:


Thankful to God for the arrival of my baby boy :dancer::dancer: @Monique and @W.O have black magic though cos they sensed it. Now, I can join Zegist hangouts :dancer::dancer::dancer:


Yaaay!! Another Zegist baby in the building! Congratulations mama @Otumininu. God bless and protect our baby in Jesus name.
PS: how far with ikomo iresi now? :wink:


Congratulations!!! Welcome baby boy!! New baby means new blessings.


you hovcoz


Haha, Congrats mama, saw his picture on @pretyprexy story. He’s a cutie. Olorun a da si fun yin and he’d forever be a bundle of joy.


Congratulations maama!!! @Otumininu


Congrats baby girl


Congrats once again… Reverend @evansakanno please get your ceremonial priest robe for the naming of a zegist baby


Ohh!!! Lovely!!

@Otumininu my friend!!! Congratulations!!!


Thanks dear. Oya come and eat rice on Monday :grin:


Thanks @Aje @W.O @Kachie @Monique @theunofficialomotayo @evansakanno


Chai! Monday? DM your number let me congratulate you properly


Lol, how are you?


Im fine… How and where have you been?


Congratulations @Otumininu

GOD has truly blessed you.

I pray thee happier years ahead.



Thank you


Ambode is inconsiderate :weary::flushed:


Good to know.
I’m well, thank you and I’ve been moving around a lot…


What did he do?