What's on your mind right now?


I hope we are having our secret santa this year @evansakanno and perhaps a get together?


I am so done with Wordpress. I want to learn building from scratch. cc @evansakanno help. Weekend sturvs please



You want to start from scratch? Scratch Google first, leave @evansakanno for now, he is probably busy with whatnot and possibly not willing to take you from scratch (you can argue with your keyboard).





I dunno dear, if zegist nation is up for it. I’m game


Hi Esse, building from scratch is relative. I think you need to start learning Bootstrap and Html. You can learn these from codecademy.

Sadly my weekends are either with meetings / events scheduled or visiting friends and family. I’m sure you understand


Zegist on my mind!! Eyin Family, bawo ni o


who is at home ?


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I’m just grateful for life, a week ago today, i boarded the wrong bus(one chance) heading to work, phones and atm cards were taken, still a bit traumatized with the whole scene but man would be fine.


I am so sorry for your loss, don’t worry las las you will be alright.


Thank you :blush:


So sorry to hear this. Hope you’re much better now bro?


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Wooow!!! So sorry about this. Thank God u’re fine.


Thanks bro. Yeah I’m much better.


Ose dear


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It’s a year since this topic was created…wondering where everyone vanished to @everybody.