What's that gift you'll tag "romantic" that anybody could ever give you?


Hi guys!

So this is like a follow-up question to what @Darryice asked concerning ladies giving boxers and singlets as a gift to their partner.

What’s that gift that might seem weird to other people but would actually mean a whole lot to you when given plus, you’ll think it romantic at the same time??


I’ll go first.

Right now, that particular gift I’ll really cherish and appreciate is a very good Tennis Racket plus balls.
Yes, you read that right. My love for Tennis is that huge.

You’ve touched a soft spot in my heart if you get me that… Lemme stop here. lol


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From a guy that can’t remember the last time he got a tangible gift, I feel right about any gift will come across as romantic.

If I’m to be choosy, I’d be persuaded to say money. I can’t hepit :grin:


:joy: sharp dude.

I don’t know the last time i got a gift too


A nice cologne and an a converse sneakers


Udoo x86 advanced plus SBC


:smirk: that’s super romantic


Ermmm, what are those? @umoboho


I know, i know… you can be kind enough to make that happen :grin:


Search on google. Im bad at explaining things


Is simple… Beans and Plantain or jus gimme money


Elewa :joy::rofl:


Can you imagine…



Mhen @iamtosyne your mess will be capable of waking up the dead, I’m sure. :joy::joy:

You love beans that much?


Oh yeah, that’s how we roll…


Hehehehehe we’ll see about that @W.O
Bhet we can do trade by barter sha…




Who knows…

Zegist Hangout is Coming Soon

You guys can make it happen there…