What's that gift you'll tag "romantic" that anybody could ever give you?


How much does a good racket and balls cost? I’m just asking ni o


For me,

A lovely pair of sneakers and an headphone would do for now…

I would have said money but ermmmmm…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I thought the perfect gift would be a few of friends coming over to the house…:stuck_out_tongue:


The day people wee full this Zegist is when dey hear that people use to send each other money like @oluwarufus will send @yvonne money and @ganoris will send me my pill beats or the cash sha and @evansakanno will dash me a MacBook even if it is second hand I don’t mind.


Like really???

That’s how it starts o…

Biko someone should ask how much sneakers cost na and my size too as well as a good headphone…:disappointed_relieved:


May God bless us all to be that rich…


hahaha i no fit laugh abeg


Amen oooo




Since everyone’s asking a romantic gift for me would b an L.P player


Na because of people like you i add the ‘i am just asking ni o’… You don’t know if i have interest in tennis and i want to start learning


How much does it cost? I mean everything. DM ur account details


Okay. So I’m also a freak for gifts.

  1. Food makes me happy. Surprise me at work

  2. Perfume, Jewelry and anything expensive.

  3. I’m vain, and I know it.


What type of food?


wawuuuuu… My Brother…

@evansakanno I yam here o if you are sharing…:raising_hand_woman:


Lol From 10K upwards, I guess. @W.O


See zoning… Hu is ur brother
Me and u na better enemy


@pretyprexy :joy::joy::joy: don’t start what you can’t finish o ehen.

But it’s a nice angle to making the hangout fun though


You sha like food…:ok_woman:


Junk food, cakes and Icecream :grin: