What's that gift you'll tag "romantic" that anybody could ever give you?


lolz… Miss Romantic


Lol…for where


Babes e dey happen oooo!

Trust me


Chaiii babe. Everything for you alone. Biko share for me na


Do u mean hausa pef :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:


Come on get-away u!! Getat!


One tennis racket plus balls coming up


For me, if its from my girlfriend then total possession of her heart would be the most romantic
For any other person

That’s it for nw. Who no like better tin


This is groom price… Cox Wt u have dere cost 1million


No be only one person go buy am nah


Groom price


So babes plenty for ur hand



Just this one thing. You’ll occupy my cold heart for 48hrs. Hope it not too much to ask for


:dancing_women: :dancer:
At long lastttt @Nire


If u mean babe friends then yes. You re one of them
You can get me the shoe​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@Duchessbee @Kiitan @Judy @fola @Ucheya @ruthameh125 @Debbie @amakaanne @pretyprexy @Ms_aijohi @yvonne @Yeye @Ezinne_Joan i lie?


Right now in order of “romanticism”

The largest External Hard Drive I can lay my hands on would be nice…

Or a Francine Rivers novel series

Or a new Littman Stethoscope with my something sweet engraved on it like our initials with our favorite bible verse or a significant date


Just food mehn … show up with yellow chili’s nkwobi and I’ll loff you forever :kissing_heart:


:joy: :rofl: :joy:
The life of a man!
@Aniekan wants to send the men away o




Bros, you having catarrh or something? :smile: Very sure I am not responsible for that, @Aniekan is.