What's the best decision you've ever made up till this very moment?


Carefully retracing your steps right from the time you started walking with both feet independently. What is the best decision you’ve made? @zegisters


Choosing to be independent and tougher




*Refusing to hate food because everyone believes being skinny is the next best thing after sliced bread…
*Refusing to give up on people just because they seem to have offended the world (not always a good decision but hey, it works)

  1. Not condemning myself badly and feeling like a failure.
  2. Giving love a chance once again.
  3. Letting go of certain people in my life that aren’t adding value to me and vice versa.
  4. Evolving everyday and learning how to respond to certain dramas from people.
  5. Not judging people based on appearances alone, but by their content.


You must be a writer. Yea?:blush:


Lol. Well, I don’t call myself a writer.

But one thing is certain, I love to express myself more in words than in speaking.




(1) Never Expecting A Thing from my family or people.


Talking to my dad about my uni; ever since then everything pertaining me is a discussion.
Nobody talks over the other person


I really don’t understand dear


Ok let me explain; Talking to my dad about my choice of university/ future career. I used to be afraid of telling him my opinions so when I finally did that; he now listens to what I have to say not doing the talking everytime.
*Hope you get it now




To follow Jesus!


you WIN