What's the one behaviour and/or character that scares you the most that your children might exhibit?

Can I begin by saying that kids of these days, nawa o. It’s like the indiscipline are on a high. What happened to ‘the eyes’ our parents used to give us as kids when in public. ‘The eyes’ that read ‘don’t disgrace me’ with depth. It’s as though the modern day parents are more chill in their endeavours to train up their kids well. Probably because they want to be ‘cool parents’.

Some months back, I was at an event where a little boy about 9 or 10 years squeezed himself between a tight corner where I was standing, without saying ‘excuse me’. Like he actually hurriedly moved quickly and I almost feel down from that impact as I was caught unawares - also because I am that light/fragile (but that’s by the way.) I called him back to correct him, only for his mother who was directly infront of me and obviously saw what he did to call his name and they both left together. I was in shock!

If that was my mother, she would make me apologize as though I stole meat from the person’s pot. She is ready to ridicule me in public, because as an African patent, you cannot disgrace her, of course.

That being said, what behaviours are you scared that your kids might exhibit? Selfishness? Ingratitude? Greed? Lack of respect? Violence? What is the one thing that makes you shudder at the thought of it, or you’re certain would leave you in shock and you don’t even want to imagine it?

Mine is definetely the lack of respect for people and ingratitude. I am shaking in anger at the thought of it. You will face the wall for 3 days.

Lol. I’m kidding though.



Once thoughts like this start crossing my mind, I just silently start to kabash over my children. And this happens most when I think about a relative that has decided that he will neither go to school nor get a job. I just bind and cast that kind of spirit/attitude, that it will not find my children.

Hahahahahaha. This is too funny. Kabashing is the way forward.

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It is o. And it is never too early to start praying for your children.

Very true at what the OP posted, it’s like all those values, morals, godly character traits have been thrown out of the window. There is a 3 year old girl where I stay who actually uses the word “God punish you” at those older than her and I cringe every time she utters these words, her parents hear her without as much as batting an eyelid to correct this sort of language. It really baffles me cos I wouldn’t want any of my kids growing up to be rude to people who are way older than them so i stand with praying for our kids a :100: percent.

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