What's your best fashion piece?


Personally, i love statement neckpieces. Aber leider -( German word for “unfortunately”. Pronounced as “aba laida”- so the teeth of my non-german friends won’t fall off​:joy::joy::joy:)

  • I don’t use any.

Yes… I also looove damn fine heels. It makes you feel like you’ve achieved something in life​:joy::joy:

What’s yours?


Did guys really have any special Fashion Piece except from Shirts, Tops,Jeans, Belts and Pair of Shoes? Loool :sob:


You forgot wristwatches and bracelets


I love heels :heart_eyes:


Shit! 🤦🏽I can’t pick. I love everything from head to toe, both outside and inside. :sunglasses:


Looool…Otito lo so :+1:… like @W.O said some days ago that he saw a guy with Anklet :rofl:…Lool we guys don dey upgrade to something new too :joy::joy:


Wristwatches are forever.


White, Black or Grey clothing and accessories


I think a nice :high_heel: goes well


Ah! Du sprichst Deutsch! Super. Ich hoffe du kannst auch sehr gut auf Deutsch unterhalten?


Das kann ich natürlich​:blush::blush::blush:.
Ich studiere seit 3 Jahre Deutsch an der Uni!


Das ist sehr schön. Villeicht kannst du mir beibringen? :grin:
Ich finde es sehr interessant dass du dich entscheidest hast, Deutsch zu lernen in Nigeria :clap::clap:


For me wristwatch and bracelet


Du sprichst aber sehr gut Deutsch. Wo hast du Die gelernt?


A swatch and graphic tees


In Deutschland habe ich gelernt.


My best fashion piece?

My shades, my shoes (I’m very selective with shoes), my bag, armless tops that are not too fitting, jeans or leggings. If I had my way I’d wear black or white or black and white all the time.


Ah! You speak German! Super. I hope you can also ___ very good in German? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ya! That can I do naturally. I studied German 3 years in the Uni


That is very fine. _____

I find it very interesting that you___ to learn German in Nigeria