What's Your First Three Favorite Food?


If you were asked to list the first three (3) healthy favorite food on your list, what would it be?


Pounded yam and egusi
Beans and Bread
Yam and eggs


Bread and Tea
Pounded Yam and Groundnut soup


Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup or Veg Soup or Ogbono
Yam and Egg Sauce
Fried rice and Chicken

  1. Amala, okro soup and fried meat
  2. Fried rice and meat
  3. Concoction rice :kissing_heart: Toasted/toast bread. :see_no_evil:


Pounded yam and egusi
Beans and Almighty dodo
Salad, eggs and fish


Beans and plantain
Any kind of rice
Plantain and fried meat


Amala and ewedu with any protein
Fried rice and chicken
Eba and efo riro


Pounded yam and egusi,amala, gbegiri and stew
Rice but not fried rice


Yam and Egg
Yam and Egg
Yam and Egg


beans and fried plantain
amala and abula
rice and beans mixed together(jollof)


Only you with those soup, you like to swallow


Fried rice and chicken
Fried plantain with egg and smashed fish


Aunty @Drew They said three naa… Next time just write.
yam and egg
egg and yam
yam egg and…:joy::joy:


:joy::joy: ehnn enn that’s another way to look at it…


Are you serious? You really like Yam and Egg? I enjoy that alot especially when the yam is very white and the egg is made with stew sauce (tomatoes, pepper and onions…) :v:t2:


Faith i miss that, cook and invite me na :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


-Amala and Okro soup
-Concontion + fried fish and chicken

  • Porridge


Lol… you have No idea… As the chef of the house I impose it every Sunday, that’s the only day I can get away with.


So you like porridge too?