When Is Your Birthday?


Put ur name too @pretyprexy and @fola




It’s @evansakanno’s birthday today! YAY :tada::tada:


Thank you dear :blush:


Happy birthday to you @evansakanno. God’s presence in all spheres of your life. Amen. Cheers:clinking_glasses:


Thank you dear @Peacehoney


Happy birthday @evansakanno
It’s been a great honour meeting you via this platform. I pray that you wax stronger in all that you do. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Mopelola_Ariyo :blush:


@evansakanno Happy birthday chief!


Thank you sir @theunofficialomotayo


Happy birthday today and always @evansakanno . May you win, as usual, but stay humble; smile more than grumble.
Oya take my birthday gift. Enjoy!


Thank you so much @Opetunde

Lovely song by Lady Antebellum! Inspiring lyrics…

Guys see what I got!


Lady antebellum’s songs are always “heartnapping”. This song is actually very nice,with acute(sensitive)lyrics etc. Thank you for sharing @evansakanno. I think I can sleep now. #smiles.


Happy birthday sir @evansakanno


Happy birthday @evansakanno


Happy birthday dearest Evans, you’ve been a blessing to humanity, touching lives everywhere you go. God bless you abundantly. many more years to come.


Happy Birthday @evansakanno

You’re a really amazing person and we’re proud of you…


Happy born day eyan mayweather. Wa last bi olumo rock. Thank God for life


Daddy @evansakanno happy Birthday


Happy birthday Sir @evansakanno
More grace this New year