When Is Your Birthday?


Happy Birthday @ogeh47


Hey @ogeh47… Happy Birthday, greater days are ahead! Enjoy your day!


Happy birthday @ogeh47. Age gracefully


Happy Birthday @ogeh47

May the good Lord bless you with a lot of money this year.



Happy birthday @ogeh47. Wishing you the very best, today and always!


Happy birthday @ogeh47

Please learn to pronounce my name properly this new year :joy::joy::joy: (kidding), longer and fuller hair and more money fall on you

From a secret admirer


Happy birthday @ogeh47


Happy birthday @ogeh47. I wish you blessings and joy


Happy Birthday @ogeh47 where is the parri


Happy belated birthday @ogeh47. BkessingsuponBlessings


This is soo awesome, Thank you guys for the birthday wishes, i really appreciate the love :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Happy Birthday @Debbie We love you!!!


Hey @Debbie happy birthday!


Happy birthday @Debbie. I love ur dp! Been crushing on it for a long time. God bless ur new age


Happy birthday @Debbie

You have a really beautiful smile


Happy birthday Debbie dear


Happy belated birthday @ogeh47 and happy birthday @Debbie. Wishing you both a blissful year


Happy blessed birthday @Debbie. May God grant you the strength to fulfill His purpose. I got you a small gift. Enjoy!

Happy belated birthday @ogeh47 please enjoy this gift with @Debbie


Happy birthday dear. Have an awesome year.


@Debbie - Happy birthday! Cheers!