When Is Your Birthday?


Happy birthday bro @NaijaLander


Amen! thank you Ruthy!! GOD bless you too. Amen.


thanks Baba. GOD bless you. Amen.


Happy Birthday @NaijaLander You’ve been a great person here on Zegist. We really appreciate your presence. The Whole of Zegist team appreciate you…


Thank you @pretyprexy !! I appreciate you guys! thank you for creating this awesome platform, GOD bless you. Amen.




I admire your opinionated spirit and that you have a teacheable spirit is something I admire. On this your special day,I want you to know that you are one person I look forward to read from here. You are knowledgeable and teachable. Stay humble and have a beautiful day. I celebrate you @NaijaLander


Did you notice he’s a fine boy too? :face_with_monocle:


Yes na​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. My eyes are good. Such a fine man.


I love you Ruthy! GOD bless you. I truly appreciate your kind words.




Thank you. Love you too


Happy Birthday @NaijaLander .Wishing you the very best


Thank you @Drew GOD bless you!


Happy birthday bro @NaijaLander


thanks bossman. GOD bless you.


Happy Birthday @NaijaLander shine on!


thank you bosslady!


Happy Birthday bro. wish you the best in life. Age with grace dear @NaijaLander :birthday:

But wait, this your username dey remind me of this song “Agbalumo dun omo oba lofe mun” any interpreter in the house?


agbalumo is sweet, it is the King’s children that want to drink it.

Thanks baba. GOD bless you.