When Is Your Birthday?


You are welcome bro. Enjoy your day


Happy birthday @NaijaLander thanks for the support from day 1. Live long and prosper


Amen. thank you so much boss lady. GOD bless you too. Amen.

thanks for a wonderful platform.


Happy birthday @NaijaLander…wishing you long life in health and plenty.


amen. thanks baba. GOD bless you too.


Whoops! I just stumbled on this.
Happy happy birthday @NaijaLander. Wishing u long life, prosperity and a good bae that would understand and love u flaws and all. Age gracefully


Happy birthday love doctor @NaijaLander


Happy birthday @aniekan

We love you and the whole Zegist team is proud of you… We sincerely appreciate your contributions…


Happy birthday @Aniekan. You’re a beautiful soul! And despite your plenty love for money, I love you from the bottom of my heart. In short, know this; You are my fav Zegist girl! and that’s because your heart is one of a kind.


Happy birthday beauty, CEO of caseIt. @Aniekan
Thanks to Zegist, i got to know you.

You’re industrious
You’re adventurous,
You’re jovial and
You’re humble.

I look forward to meeting you in person. Have a great year sweetness.


Oh dear @Aniekan please take this as a token of my heartfelt wishes for you on your special day. May this be the best year yet for you and yours :kissing_heart:


Happy birthday dearie @aniekan


Happy birthday dear @Aniekan you’re free spirited person and so full of life. Many more years of adventurous achievements, I trust you’ll make it lit. Do have a blissful day.


Happy Birthday @Aniekan i wish you the very best life has got to offer. Live long and do exploits.


November 21 Every Year


Happy Birthday gurl ! @Aniekan


Happy birthday @Aniekan


Awww thanks dear


Thanks @Ms_aijohi


Thanks @NaijaLander .

Please waybill the cake