When Was The Last Time You Cried and Why?


Okay, lets have some real honest talk here :blush: .

We cry for different reasons especially those days when we were young but even now we still cry. Even the strongest people have had their breaking point when they cry. It could be over the death of a loved one, an heartbreak, loss of a big contract or job, whatever it is, we’ve been there.

So if you can recollect, when was the last time you cried?


Let’s hear yours first lol @pretyprexy


I cried last week from a scene in a series, I am moved to tears easily. But the last time I majorly cried my eyes out was in March, One of my Big Mum passed and a job I thought I was going to get didn’t come through… My expectation for the Job was so high cos I was the only one that got interviewed in Lagos after successfully scaling other stages, apparently, another interview was conducted at the Abuja office, So I went into the toilet and cried out my eyes for like 30 minute.


Chei!!! Can feel your pain… @Bamidele_Abodunrin

Last time i cried small was after watching the last episode of SKinny Girl In Transit… ( cc: @ruthameh125 @fola )… Just small sha before I had to tell myself its just a movie!

I think the last time i cried well should be in church during a worship session… It was too deep!

@Ms_aijohi can you say yours now?


Cry cry baby @pretyprexy​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Love makes me cry and months ago I cried over just loving someone​:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


The last time I cried uncontrollable was when I saw the movie “My sister’s keeper” it was too emotional I couldn’t help but cry.


Yeah I think I have watched that movie

Lol I have been on the crying train since July ending till November ending then I decided not to cry anymore.
I cried when I realised I have been lied to, it was so painful because I trusted that person.

I cried when I went for interviews and they raise my hopes high but won’t call me afterwards.

I cried when I realised that, God was with me when He saved me from 419 cos I decided to help someone cause I could relate with the person’s feelings when he explained to me , I was sincere to the guy but he was just lying to me. I did not know, I did not want anything he promised me, I decided to help cause he showed me Redeem band on his hand. Till, I told them to shut up at some point and I left boldly and got to the bridge I did not realise I just walked out of a 419 den.

I cried over love, chaii cried over loving someone like @ruthameh125

You don’t want to hear my crying story but I have cried like cried till I can’t cry anymore but smile and laugh the pain out.


My family was bereaved two months ago and the left space is still vacantsobs. Then,at the “Experience 12”.


Cried yesterday over a little family challenge.
I cried on Sunday because of a little misunderstanding I had with a loved one.


The last time I cried was in 2010 I think, I’m not sure exactly what happened but I remember I was with a friend when the tears rolled down without my permission.


Wow…" Those without permission tears…" :disappointed_relieved: