When you hear GOD, what really comes to mind?


A beautiful Sunday to you all,
God: When you hear God what really comes to mind? A deity? A giant? A friend? A spirit? A monster ( that would throw you in hell)? A father?.. who really is this God to you?
This post is an eye opener to things and chapters of the Bible that we never really had adequate insight into.
For starters, in the book Genesis 2:7, God made man from dust (the flesh we see) and also he created man in his own image and likeness (the spirit and soul of man) and this man he gave dominion over all things and also gave man FREEWILL (ei. He made man a god). And then he gave an instruction, that if they ate of a certain tree, they would die. The devil deceived them and Adam n Eve ate of the tree, their flesh dint die but the god within them died, but observed something, that even the devil obeyed God and dint eat the fruit, that’s why when man fell, they fell even below the devil. So it takes the spirit of God in you to be able to rise above the devil. If you don’t have the spirit of God within you then you’d be food to the devil, see Genesis 3: 14, One of the curses God gave the devil “dust you shall eat”, that “dust” referred to there is the same dust God made man from, so that means, A GODLESS MAN IS FOOD TO THE DEVIL.
God according to this story, is our savior and our salvation, God a friend to both sinners and the righteous (story of Saul ==>Paul, David, the Samaritan woman,… and many others), God is our father, God is love… You know since I gave my life to Christ I’ve had this understanding beyond the normal, most times I’m even surprised especially when I know the answers to things I didn’t even know I knew, until I read the book of Isaiah 11:2, God is understanding, God is success, God is wisdom, God is life…

PS: If you find yourself anywhere (worship houses or religious gatherings) and they make God look scary and try to put fear into you, then that’s the wrong god, because see ==>2 Timothy 1:7 God said explicitly that he dint give us the spirit of fear, When you encounter God, it’s like falling in love for the first time, you wanna mention him at every chance you get… “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and every other thing shall be added unto you”

Have a nice day beautiful people :v:t3: