Where are you from?


Let’s get to know each other a little more.

Which country/state are you from?

Which tribe or race are you?

Are you from an inter racial/inter tribal family (that is if your parents are from different tribes or race). What are the two tribes and races of your parents?

If you are married, where’s your spouse from?

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I’m from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. I’m half Ibibio and half Igbo.

My dad is Ibibio and my mum is Igbo from Abia state.


I’m from Osun state.
Eko-ende Village, Ifelodun LG

I’m a full Yoruba man


Is your mom from Osun state too?


Yes sir! Both from same village as well


Ehmmm Nigerian from Egba Ogun State… I am a Lagosian From Otto on some days… Ilaje from Ondo state on most days sha… :joy::joy:
Tribe : Yoruba…


I am from Ohafia, Abia State.

My parents are from the same village.


i am from nigeria/edo state
i am from etsako east local government
my dad is from ivioghe, my mum is from okhame
these villages are both under etsako east.


I’m from Ijebu Igbo in Ogun state! My mum is from Oyo town so I am full yoruba. My spouse is from Ogun state


Am from Jattu in Edo state


I’m Nigerian last time i checked. I’m from Kogi State. Okehi L.G. My Dad is from Ihima and my Mum from Ikare-akoko, Ondo State


Otta is not Lagos though is it.


aah omo Ijebu


I am from Ondo State Akoko South West, Akungba precisely. Both my mummy and daddy are from the same place.


Otto close to Iddo . not Ota…Lol Lagos GPS




I’m from Oyo state, Nigeria.
Fully Ibadan boy ( Dad and Mum is from Ibadan)
I’m a full Yoruba to the core without any mixture


I love this question.

  • Father’s side :
    Paternal grandmother is from Efan - Alaye in Ekiti State, Paternal grandfather is from Igbara-Oke in Ondo State (it’s more like a border town between Ondo and Ekiti). I don’t want to go into too much detail but I’m sure I have ancestors who were Ekitiparapo.

  • Mother’s Side:
    Maternal grandma is from Ilaro in Ogun State (they were Oyo soldiers, Badas (knights) of the old Oyo Empire, Maternal grandpa is from Otta (they were Oyo merchants).

Me, I’m from Abule-Egba, Lagos.



You are from Igbara-Oke in Ondo State from what you explained there.


well that’s where my father’s paternal line is from originally. I’ve been there at most 5 times all through my life. I can’t claim where I don’t really know.