Where are you from?


Hmmmm … Lol… my oriki has “Ikole” in it… so they say my descendants probably left Ekiti to settle in Egba…

But I don’t like Ekiti people… I feel they are very stubborn… I know they are smart though…


quite possible. A lot of Yoruba people today are originally from Ekiti.

you are basically an Ekiti person, stubborn, don’t deny it. you know it, I know it.


:joy::joy::joy: If you say so ,I am not even going to argue…I don’t even argue anymore…


We’re brothers Bro! wawu!


My Sister! You’re Blood Ma’am.


Such a small world!!


My Mum and Dad are Native of Ondo State, Oyin Akoko Precisely (very close to Ikare and Akungba)

Well, I was born and raised in Lagos.


Nigerian. Born and bred in Lagos.

Partly Hausa, partly Yoruba

Yeah. Dad - Hausa, Kano state. Mom - Yoruba, Ogun state


We have a lot of Ogun people here


Ndi Abia, come let’s gather here :joy::joy:


I don’t even understand you people. Ordinary from DELTA STATE…you people cannot originate from. Lemme kuku be minding my business


I’m a Nigerian from Ondo state.
(Itaogbolu, Akure north).

I’m a full blooded Yoruba lady.
My dad is from Ondo and my mum from Ekiti state.


Oh wow?
I graduated from AAUA, Akungba… First time I’m hearing ‘Oyin akoko’


I am from Anambra State.
Dad’s from Ojoto, mom’s from oba. Both towns share common boundary and are both in idemili quarters.
Yes we the ones who don’t kill Pythons and won’t be harmed by one.
I am 100% Igbo


I’m just curious. If you see a python, I’m guessing you won’t make any attempt to run yeah? You can even play with it!


@Otumininu Yes. They crawl into houses and people who are scared normally take them away with sticks but I can carry it out of the house with my hands


Wonderful! Never knew about that. Thanks for the information


Nice meeting you :hugs:


I’m from Abba in Nwangele, Imo state.
Mom is from Eziama in Nkwerre Imo state.

Nkwerre and Nwangele are LGA’s really close to each other.


really? I’m surprised o.