Where does your Joy come from?

One of the prayers I pray for myself and my beloved is that neither one of us should have the power to dictate and govern the other person’s emotion.

Few days ago I lost my Joy just because a dear Friend didn’t reply my messages nor called me back as I wanted and because we both misunderstood each other, awful words were uttered and giving up was just the next thing in view.

This is what happens when you look too much on someone else to satisfy you or become your Joy maker and that temptation usually comes with those you are in a relationship with,your friends, husband or wife.
No one should have such dominion over your soul. That type of dominion over your soul belongs to God,not the person you are in a relationship with or the people in your life.
By allowing all our Joy to only come from our partner or friends, will place them under a huge pressure and expectations to always be responsible for our happiness.
The disappointment is huge when you place your expectation of joy or happiness on someone else’s shoulder rather than the Lord’s because then you become critical,insecure, judgmental and empty of Grace (these were all that I became).

What are you going to do when they are not giving you the attention, support and respect you NEED from them? Will you feel rejected and conclude that you’re worthless? Will you do everything you can to please them and beg them back into being your Joy maker? I pray that the people in my life ADD to my joy and that the Lord CREATE it so that no man can take it away.
This can be very hard at times but I love when God places me in situation that show me where my Joy is essentially coming from.
Knowing that your Joy essentially come from the Lord and not from a partner or friend’s help and enable you to serve them even though they are rude to you. Help you to make sacrifices for them despite how Lazy they have currently been. Bless them even if they don’t appreciate you in the way the flesh desires.

When Jesus is your joy, He will fill your heart with Grace to lay down your life regardless, when man is your joy, you will carry a heart full of criticisms when they let you down.

If you were like me some days ago, this is for you to make that call or reach out to that partner and friend and apologize for making them feel like they owe you too much and are not meeting up to your expectation. Our Joy can only come from God. The Lord taught me this the hard way. @pretyprexy @MademoiselleK @Lola @yeye @Aje @Judy @Kachie @evansakanno @Oluwarufus @yvonne @abnetz @ewomazino @W.O


Thank you for this piece. Very insightful.

Even person wey dem name Joy needs to read this. :facepunch:


Really true. There’s this concept that I learnt from Chude’s Joy masterclass and it is the law of detachment. The law says to love without attachment, which is the selfless love, the kind that loves without expecting anything in return. It’s the only way to keep our joy.

Ever since I went for that masterclass I have been wonderfully joyful.


Sometimes we don’t even know when we get cut up with demanding for more and when our demand is not meet,we fall to loosing our Joy. We should daily rely on God to fill our heart with His Joy. Whatever that steal our Joy, steal our strength.


Don’t forget to invite me next time o… I’ve always wanted to attend his masterclass…

I think that’s the best way to live… Don’t be too attached to anyone. Just love and give selflessly…


God bless you Ruthy girl…

Thanks for this piece…

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Hmmm. Law of detachment. :ok_hand:


Lol… He won’t do another till next year but I sure will invite you… I think it is worth it


This is how I live.
Love without expecting a reciprocation or anything in return.
Life will be fun and a lot easier.


Nice one Ruth.
Guess we have to be reminded of this from time to time.

Sorry you had to learn this the hard way.


Thanks for sharing. I have been so depressed this week after being disappointed by a friend that I took like a sister. So painful


It is well dear. The Lord is your strength.


Be strong dear. You will be fine.

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Thanks @ruthameh125 and @pretyprexy


You’re welcome dear…

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Thanks for this piece @ruthameh125. It was a good read.
Many people have held grudges and bitterness in their hearts or are still holding grudges because they let their Joy come from people.


You welcome @judy. Trust you woke up well?

I believe you are over it now @oluwakemisola. The joy of the Lord is your strength :hugs:


Amen. Thanks

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Nice Piece… I used to be in your shoe… and the reason why i think most people are in this position is either because they have not completely found themselves thereby trying to please people or have too much expectation from someone that when they disappoint, it becomes hard to accept it came from the person.

Finding yourself in God, knowing and being comfortable with yourself and enjoying your own company is key…

Erase any entitlement mentality, that way you would not be disappointed when the flaw in anyone’s character shows up