Where does your Joy come from?

Nice one Ruth

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@Opetunde it is not fair ooooo, you only invite me to business-related things, you think I don’t want to be joyful too? :cry:

I’ve been following on Instagram though and I hope to be there one day.

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Right? Same here…

Truthfully, that’s the best way to live…

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This is very true.

This is true but it is not always easy to do as said because the pressure to feel obligated to someone or someone being obligated to you always will come, hence the reason we should constantly remind yourself to depend on God to satisfy us and to know that our Joy is from the Lord and even if our partner is to add to it,God should create it. That way I believe we will not feel disappointed or dissatisfied.


:joy: boss you are supposed to be organizing your own joy masterclass sef… Your joy is contagious

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: You ehn…

You’re skilled in the “wash” business…:rofl::rofl:

You can love and care for someone and be detached. It does not mean that you do not care for the person, it means that you have chosen to put yourself in a position where you would make decisions and think objectively.

That’s why finding yourself is the most important factor, so you don’t think or feel without the person or the person’s opinion, contributions or presence you can not make or take a leap or a stride.

When we talk about love and care, we most times focus on the caring part and we forget love also means you love the person enough to tell him or her the truth or act or behave in a certain for there to be growth, progress and collaboration. I am not in anyway implying you are in love with this guy except you are.


Most times when you attack someone or tell them the truth in love, they mostly think you hate them… That doesn’t work!

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