WHERE IS MY AWARD? (Answer correctly and WIN)


An organisation had an award for web designers, Sarima. the web designer won the award and has to come and receive it from the organisers. So, Sarima, the web designer went and received the award.
surprisingly, months later Sarima. the web designer wrote to the organizers that she is yet to receive the award and this raised eye brows amongst the organizers and awardees and the search for the truth began.
what happened?
who then took the award?
Economy is still rough. so the first person to get this right gets #400 worth of air time. offer lasts as long as i can wait for everyone to answer.
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Ahn ahn Uncle, the sun is too hot for this kind of FBI work! :joy::joy::joy:


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Maybe Sarima has multiple personality disorder or someone impersonated her.


Your head is there :grin:


I look forward to seeing the answer to this question.


The web designer


I took the Award from Sarima cos she was in the mood then. We can discuss you know right?


like Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)? lol great thinking…


discuss? boda… adongerit ni :roll_eyes:


keep the answers coming please… we have some superb answers already… We will find out the geniuses


The web designer took the award, Sarima.


Sarima took the award


well done! More answers please… You too can be a winner :sunglasses:


Answer to come tomorrow… stay tuned!


The web designer won the award, but Sarima took it.


paying attention to the punctuation is a tip to the answer.
we have 2 persons doing same thing and almost same names except for the difference in the punctuation marks in the names:

  1. Sarima. the web designer
  2. Sarima, the web designer
    The latter(Sarima, the web designer) picked the award.
    If you answered correctly please inbox me and tell me your network… Thanks everyone.