Which 3 countries do you think has the best form of governance in the world?


If you were to award the best form of governance to three (3) countries notwithstanding their size , what countries would you give the awards to?


The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland – best constitutional monarchy and largely responsible for common law :slight_smile:

The United States of America - multiple democracies within a democracy, US democracy is devolution at it’s best

The Republic of Japan – I love Japan.



Will my dear country ever appear on this list though? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I believe we will. From 1776 - 1890, the US was the world’d model of corruption and maladministration, in fact European powers considered the US a banana republic when it was founded but today… :sweat_smile:


:joy::joy: Chei! That one touch me… Banana ke!


I really hope so 'cos the decadence and foolishness (I’m sorry for using this word) in this country doesn’t give much hope and neither does it bring much joy :persevere:


It doesn’t even give hope that thing will one day become better…


It depends on our actions today. What we do today, is what births tomorrow. Our suffering today is as a result of the choices we made decades ago. For example, we are not investing nearly enough in education but we want to reduce unemployment, no investment in power but we want light, no investments in roads and other infrastructure but we want FDI and so on and so forth. We cannot reap what we have not sown and trust me, developing a country is really not as hard as it sounds.


Hhhmmmn. Bros Agbalu, for this we country, it’s not only as hard as it sounds, it’s also as hard as it feels!!! For Christ’s sakes, I am still trying to wrap my head around the Minister for Happiness bullshit and the cowdung the woman was explaining when she tried defending what her Ministry is supposed to be about. Still waiting to see if the ‘Nigerian government’ would sit back and let that rubbish really take roots.


:joy::joy::joy: you are not alone @Kiitan, by the way those tweets were from a parody account. The federal govt has always sat back. You can’t fight corruption with corruption, I wonder when these guys will learn.


My dear, I tell you… Till they learn, we will remain in the same spot for years. Thats the point @Kiitan is trying to say…