Which Is Your Favorite Between UBA 919 and GTB 737 Advert?


Which of these is your favorite bank advert for short codes?

GTB 737 Moments

UBA 931 Dance


#919# caught my attention. I finished the Youtube AD without skipping. It is very nice.
GT’s own is stale now … sorry


I’m rooting for UBA *919# featuring @Pheelz_MrP

That advert is dope!!!


As in…I watched the advert till the end without skipping… Twas awesome!!!


I don’t do USSD anymore, it’s porous and easily hacked. I just use the mobile app jejely.


Watch the advert videos ni… Which is your favorite?


Cynical much?


Bro Funsho, what have I done this year?


:woman_shrugging: Broda @Valkyr, Kilode?


Thank God I’ve stopped telling Lies!!!
Give it all for GTB 737 advert, that’s the most innovative advert from a Nigerina Bank.


I have just looked at the two ads.
This seems like a case between Tecno and Apple.
Your heart will tell you which brand feels like which :joy: but you need a poll, here’s one

  • GTB 737 ad
  • UBA 919 ad

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Hmmm… Have you checked the UBA advert?


Hmmm… Have you checked the UBA advert?


Exkis Sir, will you jumo down from the fence or I demolish it ?
Please go for GTB advert and let’s end the discussion.

Thank You Sir.


You can guess which i’ll go for. Excellence and nothing short of it.


I’ve been checking all this while. At first, the intro is not inviting, too dull for my liking and it’s not something you can get long with easily. It’s looks like all thess Shaku Shaku Dances steps.


I trust U…


SMH… We all know UBA is a dead bank. but at least give it up to them for trying…
They definitely tried the ad out cos of GTB


Team Buhari, giving it up for Dead Entity!!!
kontinu, issa good vibes.


This is my problem oh.

See ehn… people are being paid salary to do work. I can’t comprehend why a brand should take the backseat oh. In this my small travel I have seen that its difficult to compare brands cos everyone looks spot on. You can’t really tell which one is “more alive” than the other cos everyone does good ads.

It makes no sense that a brand will have a creative department and still be dead in their work. Ogbeni, hire better hands or invest in them to do better or even if, copy, copy oo, but copy international work so you can be matched with global standard.

I am deeply irritated with how Nigerian brands copy each other and all stay online when there are companies you see every day doing better stuff. I mean, the internet is an open ground for any brand to make the impact they choose to make. If you choose to be a small fry, enjoy.

#drops mic.