Which Is Your Favorite Between UBA 919 and GTB 737 Advert?


Will you please pick up this Mic Sir, this is just what have been waiting for!!!


Later… you will say I used to get angry . You can see why… LOL!

Even the copy na Premature copying…




this your choice of word is savage ooo,
premature copying.


Ooo ooo o … 737… When I first saw the ad on YouTube, I left the video I was watching and went to search for the ad, the 737 song is really catchy


Hello, plix 919 kwa, they tried sha, the flow was on point but plix don’t compare to 737, I may not like GTB but they’ve got the best creative in the Nigeria banking industry, even their designs are top notch


737 all the way…


Lol. It is the truth. Cos I have seen brands that use the internet …try to do international creative work like @evansakanno said but It is still rubbish they end up doing… If you dont know you dont know . There is no “wuruwuru” to the answer.


:joy::joy::joy:… Let us sha do something abi :joy::joy:


Make e no be like say we no do our own … I like the flow sha… maybe Davido should have bought it and transformed it to a hit… :joy::joy::joy:


Bert why :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:… Have dey offended you before nih :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


737 jare… The video is just too dope. It may be stale, but it looks new everyday.

And hey, I bank with UBA (dead bank or not :joy::joy:)


Shioooor… and you can’t even stand up for your bank abi?
Weldone o… If i report now, they will just deduct N5 per minute and finish your money… :joy::joy:


They’ve been deducting 52.50 almost everyday for maintenance as if I can’t maintain my own card.

I will see alert and it will be UBA and card maintenance… Nonsense and maintenance :joy::joy:


That’s how they just deducted one ridiculous amount from my account on new year’s day. I went to complain and they said it was accumulated card maintenance fee after deducting the same 52.50 that same day and 65.00 every time I use another bank’s ATM. When did they start that nonsense sef?


Lol… I don’t know o.

They want us to Innoson them :joy::joy:


hahahahahaha… That;s why i stopped using that bank years ago… They just deduct everytime they feel like… Smh

Sorry ehn… @Mira @Judy


GTB 737…my bank


Lol! I swear down. I’m confused


And that’s how no one cared to mention the one Union Bank did. Heheheheheeee. Although theirs was not serviced based sha