Which parenting style would you adopt?

Some of us were raised by parents who are strict and domineering while some were raised by lenient parents.

Which parenting style do you think is the best in terms of producing well behaved children? Which parenting style will you adopt when you have children? If you are already a parent, which parenting style are you adopting?

Please share your reasons too.


I don’t think one can do the trick. I believe one needs to know when to be strict and wen to be free. Eg if I have a kid, I wud be strict about what kind of friends she keeps so that when she wishes to go out with, I am less worried of any danger and DAT way I give her more freedom. So there are time to lay down rule that must be followed and there are times to be loose
Knowing when is is very important


I have come to the realization that every child has got his/her peculiar traits. Two kids born into the same family see and react to things differently - while one will make parenting look easy, the other could be tough.

Means from time to time, different parenting skills need to be applied on both to make sure one doesn’t feel left out, and the other feeling to important.

So there’s really no straight jacket rule to parenting. Wisdom is the principal thing.


There’s no manual for parenting kids, every parent needs to know, love understand their kids and most especially be their friends. Kids have different attributes and character. Know and love your kids, be strict and stand on your word when you have to, invest your time and resources in them and most especially pray for them daily.


I’m not a parent but i will apply both. Its best to study your kids and know they are different individually. Some require the strict treatment and others more of talk-talk… but do what’s best. No matter the method you apply, treat them with love and make sure you don’t hit them with your hands…You could use a cane but not your hands.


Notwithstanding if they are identical twins or not… Very true…


I guess i will never know until I have my own children. Because this kind of thing is easier said than done fam


Both are necessary at some Point

I wud say God is d principal solution. Even the wise ones make mistakes eg solomon