Which Phone Is The Best?

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Few Days ago I Searched Online About Best Phone and I got Some best Results And Here I dont know they are great or not

Please suggest me some good phones

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Well… I don’t know. I use an Infinix though…and i’m already bored using it…

I don’t think there’s anything such as “best phone”… You consider its best according to what you need in a phone…

But well, lemme wait for the opinions or suggestions from others…

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Thanks For Your Reply

I think it depends on your budget. I personally think Samsung is good.

Those who use i-phone also testify to how good it is.

Btw @Rahul_Raj, you Indian?


Whether it’s camera quality or RAM size or whatever

But I really love Samsung
They have a way of scoring at least 80% on all that’s important to me and it’s not too expensive


Yes I was But Don’t think I Don’t like iphone I phone Is also Good But The Problem Is There Is Many Restrictions So I Always Suggest Samsung Phone To Every On

You were Indian before you became Nigerian? Good one I guess. So you can go for Samsung if it is within your budget. All the best and I hope you enjoy the new phone.

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Yes samsung is in budget thank you

Nowadays, choosing best phones depends heavily on its features.
It’s RAM (at least 1 gig), good front and back cameras, battery (at least 3,000), screen size and ability to upgrade when new OS rolls out. Samsung and iPhone fall in these categories.

However, you can get custom OS with phones like Infinix and Huawei.


Oh really? Tell me about it…

Yes truly. Google search your phone’s latest ROM and follow the instructions.
Note: Expertt handling if not you brick your phone.

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Oh… Wish i could do that…

repair cost are expensive…