Which tourist attraction sites have you visited and plan to visit?

In this thread, https://zegist.com/t/avengers-infinity-war-movie-hangout/6191/13, @evansakanno mentioned visiting Erin Ijesha, a tourist attraction site in Osun state. I’ve never heard of that place before but I’m glad I now know such a place exists. May be one day, I will be opportune to go there.

Please mention tourist attraction sites you’ve visited and if possible, post a few pictures so we can see what the place looks like. And for those of us who like tourism and travelling, who knows, we might plan to visit there as well.

Also, share any tourist attraction site you plan to visit. You might just find a partner on here to accompany you there.

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I’m here with my notepad and pen.

Uncle @theunofficialomotayo they are calling you o.


Never been to any. Not even the one in my Maternal state(Ekiti) Ikogosi Warm Spring


I plan to go to the Resort in calabar. @Udy_Inyang help a sister out with the name.

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I’ve been to Ikogosi, Erin Ijesha, Lekki Conversation center, Idanre Hills in Ondo State ( Okay, I only used to pass by it for 5 years) With all the geologic field trips I had in my undergrad days, I wasn’t keen on touring the Hills🤗.
Oh! I remember two more. Zuma Rock in Niger and the Spring from which Ragolis water began. I can’t remember it’s name now, but it’s in Jos.
Thank you @Mira… Tinapa was/is cool. It was a taste of obodo oyinbo



Thanks girl.
Thinking about it now, I have been to lekki conservation centre.


I would really love to visit the Kajuru Castle (Kaduna).


Hmmmmmm… safe journey oh.

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are you fearing for my safety nii? not to worry @Mopelola_Ariyo gat me covered!

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Lol. Kaduna is peaceful. You need not fear for him, I’m here presently. :grinning:
@lifeofesse I wish to explore some places here before I leave, Kajuru castle is one of 'em.


Lol… What is my own?

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So I have been to Ikogosi warm spring and Arinta waterfalls both in Ekiti state. Beautiful place no doubt especially Arinta

Also visited Obudu. Words can’t describe my experience here…overly beautiful and you get to breath FRESH and Unpolluted air

Yankari Game reserve and sumu wildlife both in Bauchi state. This place left me wanting more of the wild life

Looking forward to Northern trips later in the year …Kajuru castle In Kaduna and the Mambilla plateau in Taraba state


Yankari and Obudu are on my list…
I only wish I could teleport…hate traveling :pensive:


Same here…I hate road trips cos I always get motion sick, but I had to brave it and I conquered :grin:


Haha… I need your level of motivation.

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I’ve been to the amusement park… That was like 18 years ago

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i really need this

Hmmm na so