Which tourist attraction sites have you visited and plan to visit?


HURRAY… pichurr has appear! whats she looking at sef


Hahahahah. I am checking to see if my shoes are laced right.


There’s Tinapa like @Mira mentioned. There’s Marina resort. There’s Obudu cattle ranch. I don’t know about Calabar much. I haven’t been there in about 7 years


Obudu is lovely. It’s more fun with friends.


I’ve visited:

Obudu Cattle ranch, Cross River.
War Museum and Ojuku bonker, Umuahia
Ibeno beach, Akwa Ibom
Olumo rock, Abeokuta
University of Ibadan zoo
University of Ibadan botanical garden


The places I would like to visit:
Yankari games reserve
Green legacy resort, Abeokuta
Wild life park, OOPL, Abeokuta
Agodi gardens, Ibadan
Lekki conservative centre
Marina resort, Calabar
Zuma rock


I would love to visit the north as well


I’m adding this to my list of places to visit


@zoe for minister of tourism :grin:


I’ve visited nowhere. So any will do menh


Do you have any medication you take to help you?
Lastweek, I was on a 7hr bus to and fro was so uncomfortable :cry::cry::cry::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Awww… I understand that feeling.
But I don’t take any drugs…
I sleep mostly on trips
When I’m not sleeping, my head is stuck out the window cos I discovered Fresh air helps with my discomfort.


Yes, fresh air helps a lot.
@Blessing, do your symptoms include stomach discomfort? Like a biting pain?


Yes,stomach discomfort, feel like vomiting.
I can’t even take a sip of water on the bus or eat anything before then, I feel irritated as well.


I wish I could open the windows, I have the same experience on flights :cry::cry:.
The annoying thing is I can’t sleep on long journeys


Okay, I use cimentidine. A doctor prescribed it for me.
You may ask a doctor before trying it, just so that you aren’t self medicating.


This is just me


Me too. I mostly sleep or look through the window to see what’s going on outside.


Just saved that on my phone.


Been to Olumo Rock and UI zoo (if this counts)…

I’ll add pictures later

The rest are just beaches or resorts