Which Way Of Cleaning The Butt Is More Hygienic


Please don’t feel disgusted by this post. This is an important topic on personal hygiene

Growing up, our mothers washed our ass with water, but now tissue is the order of the day. It seem we’re all now Porsched up :laughing: and have shifted away from the use water which have been replaced by the use of tissue.

But talking hygiene, is using water more hygienic than the use of toilet paper to wipe the butt?

Which way of cleaning the butt is saver, better and hygienic?




Water - then washing the hands when deed is done.


Water!! Tissue doesn’t do much justice


Okay, i grew up using paper. :joy: Yes! White paper… But then graduated to using tissue and then water.

But i think water is better…way better than using tissue because it could leave particles that is not very healthy to the skin and might not even park all the “shit” :mask: out and then your bumbum will start oozing…

I vote Water for the bumbum!!! :raising_hand_woman:t5:


But then @aje @abnetz @W.O you all know offices don’t provide means for you to wash your butt with water. They only provide tissues. Can anything be done to make it better?


My office does :grin:


Some do o. They use this shower cable pipe. . But for offices where it’s just tissue, do the swipe thrice then since you’ll shower when you get home… You are safe!


Hmmm… abi. That could work.


Please how? Is there a bucket and a bowl?


You’re right. The sink has got water flowing through it. That should help.


There’s a bowl in the toilet and a wash hand basin


Oh i see. Wise one but are you sure it was made as an alternative for cleaning the bumbum?


Water first, then tissue for drying.


Lol, i guess so


:sweat_drops: water is the best. You can get those wet tissue wipers that also do the trick​:wink:


:ok_woman::ok_woman::ok_woman: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s always been water for me, but in places where I don’t see water, then it’s tissues for the rescue after which I wash properly or bath when I get home.


After using the first round of tissue, I take another thick round and dab with some water or else I won’t be able to wear my panties. But luckily for me it is on very rare occasions I use toilet outside from home.


Yeah i can relate… Those momemts when the poo just cease just because you’re out of the house… I think i didn’t use the toilet for almost a week when i first got to NYSC camp… It takes time for my body to accept new places.


Same here. If I feel like pooing 3 days after moving to a new place, then my body feels at home. Sometimes I could stay 2 weeks and I won’t use the toilet or even sleep well at night till my body adjusts to the environment.