Which Way Of Cleaning The Butt Is More Hygienic


2weeks? :astonished:


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:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy::joy: yes! Except I use something to flush my stomach :joy::joy:


Water is preferable but if you’re going to use tissue here’s a golden advice:

Wipe from front to back


Why? Why can’t i wipe anyone? Is there a reason?


Heheheheee, water all the way menh. I don’t think I’ve ever used a tissue sha:thinking:


The advice is actually for you ladies. If you’ll be using tissue, wipe away from the vagina to prevent infections since you won’t be rinsing with water afterwards.


Hmmmm… Mr Experience :thinking::thinking:


Haha…I actually came across this same debate some years ago on 9gag. I learnt from there. :smile:


For me water keep my butt clean and also avoid stain on my undies


@pretyprexy In the Office there are washing hand basin where one can get water with either an empty bottle water can for
use, so it left 4 the user to decide on what you want to clean the butt


:joy::joy::joy: True sha