Who should a wife serve first between her husband and her children?

So there’s an ongoing debate on @embraceyoursingleness Instagram page.

The topic was, “No child should receive a plate before the man of the house.”

The argument is should a wife serve her husband’s food first before the children or the other way round.

Some people quoted Scriptures saying that the Bible says that women should be submissive to their husbands not to their children; and that wives should put their husbands first.

"If you are a wife, you must put your husband first. Even if he opposes our message, you will win him over by what you do. No one else will have to say anything to him,
1 Peter 3:1 CEVUK

Others said it doesn’t matter and is a useless argument.

Some said it’s better to serve the children first and any man who insists on being served first is not a good man.

Some said the man should help in serving the children.

What do you think. Does putting your husband first mean that you must serve his food first whether he is around or not?

Should the wife serve her children first?

Is this a useless argument?

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Depends on the age of the kids.

At a certain age - babies - Even the husband would suggest you feed the baby first before she sort him or he picks his food himself.

When they become toddlers - The husband gets served first. The kids next.

When they turn teenagers - They know where the food’s at. Husband gets served first.

Above all - unless argument.


Yes @Udy_Inyang this is a useless argument.

It doesn’t matter who really gets served first especially when there’s love and respect in a home.


Said it all


A very useless one.



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The wife may put the husband first but a compassionate man should as well put his children first. Also, it should be a thing of joy to watch the children eat. It doesn’t matter who gets served first since the time in between isn’t unbearable. We should be more worried about the food being enough for everyone.


God bless you @habeebsanni Too much sauce and wisdom in this post! God knows!


Fact is, When they become teenagers, it will be wrong to have the dad waiting for food and the mom going to serve the teenagers first… That’s my opinion!

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abeg o! the Dad is on his own own. How do you teach the kids to put people first when pops takes his food first all the time? just saying o.