Who should be first in a blended family? The spouse or child (ren)?


A blended family in this case refers to a situation where a single parent (maybe a widow/widower or one who had a child out of wedlock) marries a new partner.

Should the single parent place their child first or their new spouse should come first?

What do you think?


This is a dicey question o…

I’ll say place them side by side… Love them just like a mother would do for her boys…

You’re the mother hen over your babies (husband and children)… You don’t want any thinking you have a favorite…

Love them right!


Children first always. If your a man marrying a woman with kids, you have to understand that her kids come with the package. It’ll be selfish for a parent not to consider their kid(s) first.


Must there be a “first” in love??


We all have to set priorities in our lives. For example, when you get married, it is expected that your husband is given a priority over your parents.


Sure but then…

I don’t think we have to but if we should, the kids might just be placed first…


It should be a balance mixed of Affection and attention. You give the Child the attention he or she needs and it is required and/or deserved and likewise the wife. So it’s not a function of priority, it’s a function of balance


I’ll come back and answer this


oya answer.