Who should let go?


I recently travelled a long distant trip in AKTC bus. In the bus I watched a movie (I don’t know how it ended cos I was sleepy).

I’ll give them names just to explain the movie.

A man in the city (Steven) met a lady(Stella) and fell in love with her. He proposed to her and she accepted. Meanwhile, in the village, the man’s father met a woman and fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. Steven said he doesn’t mind if his father remarried (I think the father was a widower). The woman his father wanted to marry was a widow.

Steven and Stella went to their parent’s house in the village. Steven’s father decided to take Steven and introduce him to the widow he wanted to marry. On getting there, they discovered that the widow was Stella’s mother.

There was no way the marriage could hold. It was either Steven and Stella break up or their parent’s break up. Both couples said they really loved each other and no one wanted to let go.

Steven said his father has already lived his life and should allow him enjoy his own life. Stella’s mother said they are still young so should break up because they can always find someone else but she is old and may never find another lover.

Who should let go? The children or the parents?

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The parents should let go, IMO.


The parents should let go. True love is very rare to find and d children MAY not find it again! The parents on the other hand are old and can die at any time :rofl:


Both parties should let go so there’d be no cheating


Is it impossible for both parties to marry?
If no, the youngies can marry while the parents should just continue dating til they die.
Win win for everyone


If the parents marry, their children will become siblings. Step brother and sister. So brother marrying sister is the problem


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: dating till death do them part


But there is no blood connection , which I think is key…
I stand to be corrected sha


The parents should


Guy! :joy::joy:




That was the way I understood the situation. But even if there is no blood connection, I don’t think one should marry his or her step brother or sister. There’s still a connection even though not by blood but by virtue of the marriage between both parents


@abnetz I’m assuming you know this song from beginning to the ending :joy::joy::joy:




I do, I doo, I dooooo. :joy: :joy:




:joy::joy::joy::joy: nice!



I believe both parties can marry. There’s no established blood ties.


But they aren’t related by blood Na???
Well the parents should let go.


Wait first, abeg let me ask, how their love take concern each other Biko? 🤷 Why should one let go for the other. Please let both of them marry the loves of their life o. Life continues… Beht seriously, both should move on with their loves…