Why Alcohol Is Legal And Weed Isn't?


Saw a movie last night where a man carelessly kill his himself as he was driving drunk, this made me wonder why alcohol is legalized even when it has diverse side effects not to mention the countless lives alcohol has ended.

If you’ve been drunk before you’ll understand how miserable and vulnerable alcohol can render you. The one time I got drunk which was an intentional move cos I was desperate to know what it feels like to be drunk. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: it was awful, I felt like trash the next morning as Bae was giving me the breakdown of all the stunt I pulled that night and I couldn’t even remember a thing he said. :relaxed: it took me about 3 days to get myself back (who send me before?:woman_shrugging:) Hangover is bad experience that can go bad, I hear people even die from it.

Smokers are liable to die young, this applies to drinkers more.
Ever wonder why alcohol is legalized and weed isn’t, my point is both are harmful, both can get you high.

Shouldn’t the public have the CHOICE to use or not use weed like cigarettes and alcohol?

Why is weed viewed more dangerous than alcohol and cigarette?

Is There A Good Reason Why Alcohol Is Legal And Weed Isn’t?


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O boi… These your questions get answers? Not sure…

But then i think the effects of weed is much more than alcohol…Way much more… It can make anyone go insane…

These are all assumptions sha… I can’t tell because i’ve never tasted any of the above… :woman_shrugging:t5:


Interestingly, about 20 cities in the US have legalized the use of weed aka marijuana. We have also somehow legalized it ourselves in Nigeria unofficially.

Weed is medicinal – when it’s too much it becomes an abuse. Marijuana is used to solve glaucoma, anxiety and even cancer.

Alcohol is largely ethanol. While it burns and affects the liver and kidney, it has become an acceptable liquid for socialization.


Hmmmm… This is a brillant response tho…


Money controls men.
Men make laws.
Laws make and controls men.

That’s the cycle of a state.

A look at the economics of tobacco and Alcohol will give you the answer to which you seek.

Any man who plant, harvest and sell his weed wherever he likes (even in his room) meanwhile Alcohol comes with a lot of process thereby increasing it’s market price. Even though there are bootleg alcohols, these aren’t healthy as they aren’t distilled properly. Meanwhile, there’s nothing as unhealthy weed.

Also, the prohibition of weed was a racially inspired law. Harry Anslinger, the first Federal Bureau of Narcotics commissioner, was a renowned racist. Blacks and Rastafarians are the predominant users of marijuana so a way to stifle the hands of blacks, outlaw something they love and they’ll try to get it illegally then you can legally jail them.

Although this is secondary (to me). The primary reason remains financial reasons. Tobacco is a highly profitable cash crop. Ethanol is distilled from fermented crops which are taxed on.

Governments always gave excuses of health risks.

Smoking contains carcinogens. People invented vaping and brownies thereby eliminating 100% of the harmful carcinogens.

Anyone can grow weed in his/her parlour and harvest it. Dry it, grind it and smoke, vape, bake, eat without a penny entering the governments pockets.

Also, with the influence the US has over other countries, if the US federal government remove restrictions on weed, other countries will. Look at Europe. Most countries there are progressive enough to allow weed.

It has no harmful effect on the body. It cures some certain ailments (even the FDA acknowledges this).
Why is it then not allowed? Because if it were grown, half the cotton growers, nylon and rayon manufacturers, and timber products people in the world would go out of business.

Hemp happens to be one of the most useful, strongest, toughest, longest-lasting materials on your planet. You cannot produce a better fiber for clothes, a stronger substance for ropes, an easier-to-grow-and-harvest source for pulp. You cut down hundreds of thousands of trees per year to give yourself Sunday papers, so that you can read about the decimation of the world’s forests. Hemp could provide you with millions of Sunday papers without cutting down one tree. Indeed, it could substitute for so many resource materials, at one-tenth the cost.

And that is the catch. Somebody loses money if this miraculous plant—which also has extraordinary medicinal properties, incidentally—is allowed to be grown. And that is why marijuana is illegal in your country.

It’s the same reason Nigeria has refused to implement any climate change laws, invest in renewable energy, subsidize costs of electric cars and solar panels all because of how much we make from oil despite knowing the harmful effects it has on the environment and body.

Politicians get campaign money from companies that know this will destroy their business model.
Politicians make retrogressive laws in order to keep the cash flowing, We little beings are punished by those laws


Smoking contains carcinogens. People invented vaping and brownies thereby eliminating 100% of the harmful carcinogens.
Anyone can grow weed in his/her parlour and harvest it. Dry it, grind it and smoke, vape, bake, eat without a penny entering the governments pockets.

Vaping is a way to go. It goes great with mj. Though mj itself is quite a drug with, here’s a pic illustrating it

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