Why are Nigerian men incapable of having platonic relationships with women?


I just realized how perverted Nigerian men are. If a woman has 10 Nigerian male friends, at least 7 out of them will end up toasting her one way or another. Why is this ?

I think this deeply affected the career prospects of our women. That’s why a woman applies for a job and ends up having to bang the HR Manager to get the job.

It’s sad. Guys! change your ways.

@Aje @BrownPantha @Zolozai @W.O @iamtosyne how many of your female friends have you toasted before ?


Guys come and answer your name! :grin:


Even if the relationship is platonic, society feels one can’t be ‘just friends’ with the opposite sex… Most of my friend’s are ladies and i don’t go about toasting everyone of them


liar! is it not you. Don’t let me expose you oo :joy:


we are all society. So it’s our fault. We are the ones toasting them, why can’t we just be friends with them?


Haha… trust me i don’t mehn


I trust @W.O He’s not like that. :joy:


ok oo


How about we ask how many of your female friends you’ve toasted also?


I’ve toasted nearly a lot my female friends before. At least the ones I met before 2013. That would be like 60% of them at least. I have only began to learn the value of female friendship in recent years.


& it’s not something I’m proud of.


have you ever toasted a guy ? :thinking:


I love your honesty!


No I haven’t.


I think if women toasted men more often, guys would find platonic relationships easier.


Hmmm… Why do you seem to think so?


What are your reasons for this?


because then we will have a level playing field. If you like a guy, toast him and see how it goes.

It probably won’t go well but you get my point.


If I had a lot of toasters, I’ll friendzone them more and that means more platonic female and male friends. A balanced playing field.


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