Why are Nigerian men incapable of having platonic relationships with women?


So you want them to taost you and then you friend zone them?


why not ? Women friend zone toasters all the time.


It is vise versa I guess. I have told a guy once that I like him though. I actually felt cool to have been able to tell a guy how I feel.


:hushed: you did? How’d he respond ?


Yes I did. He is very matured about it and asked that we are friends so we can get to know each other. We are still friends but it is not easy because I like him a lot.


I think you’ll both go on to have a beautiful relationship if he likes you. At least he’s sensible enough not to take advantage of your feelings for him. #goodstuff


My dear, I was shocked as you are when I heard his response. Too much sense worrying that dude​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


@agbalumo I have almost no experience in this area sir. Let me just be observing and learning from those with experience


so @Drew, @pretyprexy , have you ever toasted a guy ?


Cos their body aint firewood…
If a girl is cool enough to be a guy’s friend There is a high possibility that he will want to date her…

Some guys have been so unlucky with the kinda girls they get into relationships with and they have friends that might make great girlfriends… :woman_shrugging:t3:


True :thinking: hence the reason why I’ve toasted nearly all my female friends @Kachie


No… I have told a guy I like him before but it was after he showed different signs of liking me and he even said it sef…


yes but why do ladies friend zone guys they are good friends with? Isn’t a good friendship the rock on which successful relationships are built ? Women seem to be able to differentiate between friendship and romance with the opposite sex. Very few guys do.


lool why did you tell him ? @ruthameh125 why did you tell that guy you like him ?

I think women only do that if they sense a guy is about to friend zone them.


Lol …No I had to tell him ooo before the guy thinks I am just accepting gifts and kind gestures and I dont feel anything for him …

I cannot be reading messages that will be guilt tripping me…
But I am sure I said it cos I like him…




Because I like him​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


I believe you man


Just a few. I stay off dating when I am not emotionally or mentally ready for such. Although, I flirt to compensate :wink::wink::man_technologist:t6::man_technologist:t6:


none oo… If she is my friend, it means she falls into the categories of not toastable…