Why are Nigerian men incapable of having platonic relationships with women?




The 'what are you doing with lots of female friends, if you don’t woo them’
Even your male friends will advice you :joy:

The one we got so close, and we both knew it was turning to something else, we needed to come tp terms wih the truth that it cannot work. We’ve added sentiments/emotions to our friendship.


You know right?

I’ve been here…


Nope! I no get mind :rofl::rofl: If you say no, i might just collapse… I think i have told a guy i liked him tho after i noticed he did too… But it didn’t push anywhere…

We later turned out to be good friends…


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I’m inclined to agree with this guy. @Kachie


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He simply pushed you forward… In my opinion, a guy always know what he wants. That is not meant to be his response if he was going to take you serious at any point




So how should he have responded. Asking a girl to stay friends with you doesn’t mean you don’t like her. There is nothing wrong with a man who wants to take his time.


What is wrong being friends with someone anyway? That I told him I like him is not enough for him to like me. I only express myself.


Thank you @NaijaLander.




We never quite got sorted this issue out. The age old question.

These days I think it applies to both genders. Women often assume you want to engage them romantically when you are nice to them.

Many women expect romance when you initiate communication with them. It depends on the age group though.