Why are some people sexually attracted to children?

I wonder what sexually attracts grown ass men or women to children. The act is really disgusting in my head :rage:

There has been a story all over Naija blogs about a two year old girl that was sexually abused by a supervisor in Chrisland school, Lekki. It was very disturbing reading how the child tried to narrate the experience.

Paedophiles are individuals who are sexually attracted to prepubescent children and in my opinion, it’s a psychiatric disorder.

Here are tips on how to protect the young ones in your life from them.

  • Get active in their life. Make time to know what’s up in their lives.

  • Make sure your children know the proper name of their genitals. Pedophiles often adopt cute names for the “sexual” parts of a child’s body.

    My 6 year old cousin experienced. On a Saturday she was playing in the compound and one somebody that was working in the next house called her and told said “remove your pant, I want to lick you wee wee”. Sharp sharp, she went to tell her dad what happened and the man gave that guy the beating of his life. She even gisted us about how blood was on the man’s face :joy:

  • Which brings me to the next point. Please don’t ignore any report like this from your child or younger ones.

What makes some adults sexually attracted to children?


My dear i don’t know and God knows its very painful and hurting to read… Its really very painful.

This is really a disgusting and disheartening thing. Its not that the child has a grown part that could be seductive. I pray God help our generation and the coming ones

They are possessed

Pervertion. It’s not normal.


Because they are MAD. Because they have the desire to die by mutilation and because they are just MAD again


To add… Because they are just very very very very mad again! Smh

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Lol. You tone sounds Sharia-ish

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One is an accumulation of denied/unsatisfied biological needs. When the need is not moderately met or not aptly re-channeled or converted, the outcome takes various forms, like this

Because they are pedophiles that should be castrated once caught.

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