Why are you not still married?

With my research lately here in the community, i discovered that we seem to have alot of unmarried youths here and i got wondering why we’re still single.

So, i’ll ask it directly and i need honest answers o… Ask yourself if you need to…

  • Why Are you still Single?

Lemme lead the train before my dear @Drew @oluwakemisola @Mopelola_Ariyo @Judy @Aniekan @NaijaLander and @Valkyr and @abnetz would follow… :yum: Not forgetting my senior friend @evansakanno @Oluwarufus @habeebsanni @Yeye @yvonne

For me, I’m not ready yet. I still have a few goals and things to achieve before i hit the altar. To me, there is still a little time to build on this woman.

P.S: Being single here means you’re not married… even if you have a boo or bae, you’re still a single unmarried youth… You get right? So your response could be:

  • Boo is not ready yet.
  • I’m waiting on God for the right man.
  • I’m waiting for the price of a bag of rice to go down.
  • Abeg who marriage help?

So, let’s go:


That image, is that the symbol of the unmarried?..smh…you smuggled it bitween your message just for your sisters to come and be salivating


She is not ready yet

Come @pretyprexy ,which kinda image is this nah!! Do you know him?? .Is he single??? I really won’t have to answer this question if he is.


@pretyprexy carefully selected the image on purpose - It’s her type of man :laughing: :joy:


@pretyprexy babe u just want to make us salivate
Dis guy too fine ooo Am single oooo
Waiting for him
Is he single? now Dat is d koko


Those who have ears have heard bro:grinning:

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I am not married…because i am not married :roll_eyes:


You still never answer…it is better to pull the pastor’s line that God’s time is the best

Hahaha! But it’s said HE who FINDS…
We have to do the findings


The response that came to my mind after laughing was Reason 1" I won’t propose to myself nah"
but that’s not an entirely truthful response…
Cos if “bae that sweeps me off my feet ,that my body does me somehow when I see him and I can’t even think straight” proposes “Will I accept without developing a cold feet?” Reason 2 so I guess I am not ready…
Do I have what it takes to pamper my lovely ones pretty… Nah… I am not there yet…
Why am I not ready? Because it is a forever business… It is not child’s play… You have to be ready for it cos even those that were fully prepared for it are still not getting it right.


Pray he does not come wen u r beyond 30, cos no Lady likes doing it then

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: 30???.. that is when the marriage is sweet sef

Please can you send me your pdf copy of the " NIGERIAN MARRIAGE CONSTITUTION", I am sure the time a girl must marry should be stated there…

P.S: I didn’t say I was waiting for anyone to come…:blush:


You are asking for paper constitution. When time comes, aunties and relatives go form ad hoc unwritten constitution drafting committee

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Abeg… In my constituency, It doesn’t work like that… People know when it’s time for a girl to go,they let her make her decisions … it is not byforce…

Nahh… Not in my own constituency…


You’re just evil, did you have to include this picture? @pretyprexy :sob:

To your question,

  1. I’m single because I believe i am not maritally mature yet to get married.

  2. I’ve not ticked at least 70% off my bucket list on what I’d like to achieve. I might not be chanced to do them when I’m married :unamused:

  3. I’m not financially buoyant yet (NO. I don’t plan to be a liability to le hubby. I’m supposed to be his help mate, so I believe I should have gained a level of wealth capable of assisting to raise a family.

With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince and not confuse you on why I am still not married :joy: :joy:
bows out


define maritally mature.

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Not bad…

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Well, let’s just say I’m not ready for that now :smirk:

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