Why do dogs suddenly bark at nothing?

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If a dog is barking, it’s not at nothing. Ever.

Sometimes, my dog will wake me up at 3AM from barking.

I’ll see him sitting on his bed, staring at nothing.

I used to tell him to be quiet.

Then, I realized one night that he had been barking at a stray dog that kept coming back.

If that stray dog was actually a human thief or predator, then I would never had known had my dog not barked.

Dogs are not just pets. They are your aid. As annoying as their barks can be, they are infinitely more useful.

Remember that.


They bark at nothing because they have spiritual eyes and are seeing ghosts!! That was the zobo we use to drink then. :rofl::rofl::rofl: I wonder who invented that lie sef


That if you remove the dirt that is usually around their eyes and put in our own eyes, we will be seeing tins in another realm :joy: :joy:


I almost tried this o. It was the fear of evil dead that corrected my head o :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Once upon a time, an aunt of mine (distant relative) came over …
My dog doesn’t play with food, she forgets who feeds her and attacks anyone that comes near her food.
So my aunt was forming familiar with the dog , whatever transpired between the two of them sha… the dog attacked her leg…
Next story I heard aunty said some spirits have been attacking her leg that they told her in her church… that is why the dog attacked the leg cos they see spirits
I didn’t argue sha I said eehhyyaa Issokay.


Na wa! :joy::joy::rofl:


There is nothing one won’t hear in this Nigeria…:joy::joy:


Ikr… Vast majority tend to believe everything a ‘man of God’ says… E go better


Lmao :rofl: this one weak me sha

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Sometimes it happen due to high level of stress. In this situation i usually send my dogs to emotional support dog flying. Yes, animals can be stressed as well and sometimes even more than humans are, as animals don’t have conscious and they dont’t realize that when you go away in the morning you gonna come back in evening.

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