Why Do People Take Pictures Instead Of Helping Out during Emergencies?


In this 21st century as technology is getting better, humans are getting attached with the virtual space and are least bothered about whats going around them. They are so engrossed into their virtual life that they are ignoring the essence of humanity.

Nowadays, its common to see people taking pictures or videos of accident victims even when they are at the point of death instead of giving an helping hand. Everyone wants to get a first-hand picture or video so they could get more likes and probably fame.
There have been cases in which people take and post a selfie during or after an emergency, even with bloodstains right in their faces.


What’s your thought about this new trend?

Has it been of help to the world or not?

NOTE: There have also been reports of how this trend has helped save lives by giving firsthand information to the world so quick or immediate action can be taken…


I don’t do this because most times I can’t stand such scenes but I think it’s majorly for firsthand information. While it is not cool because the life of the victims matter especially in a case of an accident where you will need people to help convey the victim’s to the nearest hospital and they are taking pictures. It is really painful and disheartening. On another hand, if they don’t take pictures, how will all this blogger’s have gist for their followers, even zegist​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


The truth is the system we find ourselves in has made it very difficult for people to help others in such situations. Imagine a case where you try to help and you end up being the culprit.


Exactly … Nigeria police can be funny at times … For instance u carry a accident victim to a hospital with blood stain all over ur body, and d victim now die before getting to the hospital … My brother … THAT THE DEFINATION OF. AKOBA AND ADABA




Serious? Mehn. You’re on the fence with this your statement ooooo


But still… Is making a video while they die better off?

Really its an issue tho… To help is good but the way the system goes most times isn’t good. I get your point, but is it better off to do “waka pass”?


lol…but would you ignore helping?

what if you’re the victim?


I will help if I can and I can never take pictures of victim’s.


Lemme just sit on the fence


There’s this Uniuyo page on Facebook that has been in existence for about 2 years now with just 5 likes per post.

But the 20k ish that happened this week, they were the first to put up the video and people have been sharing.

Now they get an average of 100 likes per post. They are now popular. They have broken even.

That’s every blogger’s dream I believe. :joy::joy:


It is their dream my dear to get ugly gist and talk about. Trust our naija people, they can relate better to negative news than positive news. Why is it so?


Because nothing is sweet about nigeria


True. This bothers me alot.


Allot is sweet about Nigeria. It’s all depends on our perspective.


My dear… That’s a huge one… Trust me…

It’s sad… Even Instablog has turned to a den of bad reports all the time…


Honestly I don’t follow all this blogger’s. Amanda Chisom never came out to declare herself as a blogger except recently that she accepted that she is an opinion blogger. She is my friend on facebook and she is intelligent so because of that I get to read some of her post. I like that she is intelligent and I enjoy her personal post if not I am not interested in reading bad news.


Its really annoying though… Very…


They’re taking pictures to show their family, neighbours and friends


Pictures of what exactly???