Why Do Some Girls Prefer To Get Pregnant Before Marriage?


Some prayers are made specially for Nigerians to use. Made for Nigeria prayers
We just can’t help it


I guess dey don’t understand garbage in garbage out. Don’t mind dem

Wat a perfect solution to abnormal relative problem

U shud b given a medal

But some relatives dey over abnormal o, Wey dem go travel enta ur zone like say na dem wait for six years to marry wife


Me I am not even running anywhere… I will be in the same geographical zone…
Growing up I didn’t see family members visit like they run our home so I don’t think it will start in my generation…
My friends sef know… If you come when I did not call you or without telling me…LOL… You will go back to where you are coming from or I will tell you I am going out

:joy::joy::joy::joy: You want to cause trouble with this one oooo 6years ??


I did o. Those uncle and aunts, cousins and tchai… But I do concur with you bae, this generation won’t see much of those mannerism.

:joy::raised_hands::raised_hands: Respect… Ama gonna be like you when i grow up.

:joy::joy::joy: No oo…:joy::joy:


Exactly. When you are not in the same geographical zone, let me see how in laws will bring their wahala.




I think 9 out of 10 pre-marital knock ups were unintended. Condom tore, dude came inside. It happens.


Whatever floats their boat, as for me, I am not sure I’d like my girlfriend to get pregnant before we get married. I prefer having a planned baby, not an unplanned baby like our country Nigeria.

PS: If I find out my wife can’t get pregnant cos of her past (abortions and whatnots), there is always the option of adoption or other forms of pregnancy that involves a different womb…forgotten what that is called again sef.


ouch :joy:



Yeah, surrogacy. That’s the word :sunglasses:


Nice to meet an open minded young man … My name is Nancy… My friends call me DREW… Nice to meet you :grin:


I tell people stop what you don’t want as soon as it starts before it grows on you and it becomes normal…


calm down Nancy Drew, he’s married :roll_eyes:


:roll_eyes: who asked if he is single or not?
I am married too…


Shoot your shot… Haha


I always enjoy reading conversations between @Drew and @agbalumo​:joy::joy::joy:


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The marriage Jesus attend was a traditional marriage and not even church wedding​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: