Why does the man not wear an engagement ring? Dilemma of an unmarried man


I’m quite tired of the many thoughts in my head but of recent some marriage thoughts and beliefs have been coming to mind. Let’s question them together.

Help me answer this question

  1. Who names the child, the father or the mother?
  2. Why does the lady wear an engagement ring and the guy doesn’t, is the guy not engaged too?
  3. When babe proposes to me, who should wear the ring? Should it be me because she did the proposal?


Did someone propose to you? Are you having a baby soon? Did anyone engage you? :joy::joy:


Both pick a name

I thought about this today


My chest :joy::joy::joy:


We need to know what we are up against with the question na :joy::joy:


Those questions were very essential!

Please @Aje are you expecting a proposal from any babe? :joy::joy:


I’m expecting from you na. :smile:


Both parents, most times first name by the father, the mum gives the second.

I believe this is because the engagement act is done by one party in the relationship(the man), unlike in a wedding scenario where the priest officiates and both bride and groom gets to wear a ring.

Logically, the man should wear the ring but here logic sounds stupid because it’s a societal norm for ladies to wear a ring with a jewel on it on their middle finger to signify engagement, men neither have a type of ring nor a specific finger that signifies engagement; seeing there is no such norms for men,one would look really silly wearing a so called engagement ring because just you and your fiancee would know what the ring is for and that clearly flaws the ideology of engagement rings which is a clear statement, both for the couple and the public.




I think it’s just tradition, that the man proposes to the woman and gives her a ring. He can also buy a ring for himself to show that he is engaged. I know of a man who said he will wear an engagement ring when he is engaged.