Why Marriage as a Social Institution is Doomed!


True. I’m just using it as an example. Normal doesn’t always mean right. Betrayals happen every time so we should not be surprised when they happen.


Yes, now you get it.


Oh…I see.
Like I stopped believing in prediction years back, don’t ask why?lol.
The writer is predicting from his/her own point of view about what marriage as an institution is, but really everyone has different opinions. God spare my life till the predicted year to see how true. But marriage ain’t for everybody,shey you know? @NaijaLander


ok now I’m curious why.

True, maybe marriage isn’t for everyone.

Also true.




Although it’s kinda saddening but this might be true. Already, some individuals don’t even want to get married for various reasons and when you listen to some of their reasons, they are quite sensible enough. But there’s one thing I know for sure, it won’t collapse totally 'cos I believe He who founded the institution would ensure its continuity.


People will always fall in love so people will always get married.


The exact thought I didn’t voice out or put in writing. :+1:


This is a sad but true analysis. We need to talk about things like this to reflect on where we’re coming from and where we’re going to.
The writer made a prediction and I believe it is coming from a deep and good place.

What I am made to understand by the write up is this:
Looking at our present society, marriage is no more sacred as it were in those days. Men and women now work to put food on the table. We even have a lot of single mothers, baby mamas, surrogate mothers et all. We have rich women that chose not to get married to avoid drama, but can as well have kids through artificial insemination or IVF afterall they have everything they need to take care of the child since the primary aim of marriage is to procreate, be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth. Now there are convenient ways to do these things. It is kinda sad how we evolved from the original plan.
My question is can we go back to how it was before? Where women stay home to take care of the home and the kids while the men go to work? I doubt this can ever happen so truly we need to review our societal values cos there are some people who are together, having sex and all that, but have chosen not to get married because of some childhood trauma or something. And there are also some people who fell in love and got married but have chosen not to have kids because they feel some genes in them or their parent’s would come to play in their child. It is really sad and we can’t sweep it under the carpet honestly.


You get the idea. We can only find ways to rebrand marriage, roles have already been redefined, women now work and earn more money, men also now carry out domestic chores, I don’t see anything bad in accepting things the way they are, marriage doesn’t have to end.


In all, i think since the idea of marriage will keep evolving .

Marriage will end up being what we as individuals make of it. Define your marriage and give terms that suit you and your partner as long as you all are happy with the decision.


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This is it!! The idea will never die and eventually it will become what people make of it.


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Sorry but we can never go back to the way it was, technology has eaten deep into us…our eyes have been opened to simple things good or bad. It definitely can’t go back unless we all agree which I know its impossible.


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