Why We Love Nudes


Dressing in nudes which can go from browns, beiges, creams and everything in between is a big trend right now and we just can’t get tired of it.

Yea I know some of you feel nude is just a boring color and I would so much love to prove you wrong and that is my intention; To prove you wrong.

Trench Coats

Nude Nails

Do We Ever Get Tired Of Nude Shoes


Nude and Lace


Nude Everything

Two Piece



This is nice.


I actually do love nudes or beige…after black and white they are must have colors in every lady’s wardrobe


coincidentally, they are colours i admire so much and i make sure i have either/both of them in my shoe collections and clothes. ofcourse my belt too.


Huh? Guys love nude? This is not brown or black oh


its fashion world… Dont be amazed… Or would you like to see a proof??


If u feel like. I haven’t seen guys on nude before oh


on a second thought, maybe it is best we employ the services of google at this point.
"… I haven’t seen guys on nude before oh"…
if i were a guy, i would have shown you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: You!


As in… i have mad love for nudes…

I love all shades of it… It totally drags my attention every time i see any piece of either shoes, clothes or bags in nude colour…


exactly… something like that.


Ok so u’re Hermaphroditus?


lol…you dont give up oh… do you?
This your question is the type that requires practicals to be answered oh.


I always like to learn new things by asking questions. Come let’s do some practicals now.


lol… impressive :clap:… this is some real stuff right here…
For the sake of decency and clarity, why dont you chat me up in privEt?? only then i can be sure how serious this is :thinking:


How about u put a display picture so I can see who I’m about to chat with privately :smirk::smirk:


clarity attained!!! :grin:
people who dare to know more, always go for it all…
At this juncture @Judy is trying to play kalo-kalo with me :joy::star_struck:
Sorry oh… you didnt come when people were seeing my real face on zegist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


where is my friend @Judy ?:thinking:


Well now I’m part of the people and I demand to see ur real face also


I like it on a woman not as a man’s color for an outfit