Why you should work from a coworking space


Thanks to technology, every aspect of our lives have changed.

We no longer buy food the way we usually do, neither do we drive cars same way we did years ago — self-driving cars are a thing now. How about relationships? You could literally find your life partner from the comfort of your mobile phone!

The workplace has also been touched by technology. Remote working — basically working from anywhere other than a company’s physical office — is now a thing.

Good a thing as it is though, remote working comes with its own wahala, as with every other thing tech has transformed. Research has shown that freelancers working from the comfort of their homes experience isolation and are usually distracted by “the distractions of home” — I’m sure you know what they are.

In a country like Nigeria, it could even be worse. Besides the aforementioned problems, remote workers still have poor power and Internet to contend with, even after paying huge sums for them.

Collectively, these problems could take a toll on your work and your employers aren’t gon’ be happy about this. If the problems persist, you could be in the labour market searching for another job. You need to find a solution!

Coworking spaces solve those problems, and more.

They provide the tools — think blazing fast Internet, steady power, printing services, etc — to help you succeed with work, and go further to provide a community of people like you — no more loneliness and isolation.

Also, coworking spaces organize special events, like business clinics, hackathons, workshops on basically anything etc from time to time. Co-workers get to benefit hugely from them.

And the sweetest part; they’re usually affordable.

– End –

If you’re searching a co-working space in Lagos to work from, you should definitely check out Leadspace in Yaba and Ojodu. The workspaces are dope; Techpoint.ng visited recently and shared images, their Internet’s super fast, and they’re affordable. Importantly, they have super nice people who’ll make you feel at home as you focus on work!