Will The Big Butt Trend Ever Go Out Of Style?


Time was when Lepa shandy was once a thing, slim, tall, straight girls were getting all the attention one time.
Another time was when big boobs were a thing to lust over.

Now we have the big butt trend that has made quite a number of women seek for medical butt enhancement. Suddenly, The focus ha shifted from big boobs to big butt. all attention seem to be going to girls with big thick butt :unamused::unamused:
The the thicker body gang has taking took over :ok_woman:. This trend have been on for a while now and I’ve been when this booty trend will go out of style, what next do we expect? I wonder if trend every go out of style?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Trend or no trend, Flat ass rules!! Trends would surely fade out, but i guess if you can figure out the circle i.e which trended first, maybe we can predict the next trend…:thinking:


Flat ass lives matter! Thank you for supporting the ministry! :joy::joy::joy:


:rofl::joy: welcome!!


Dagrin said;

Omo mo like booty yen gan mehn, mofe fi se office
To ba ro iro mefa, moshi ma notice

Girl I love that booty a lot mehn, I want to make it my office
If you tie 6 wrappers, I’ll still notice


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This one is cracking me up…


Haterrrrrrrrrrs… All of you supporting flat asses are haters :sunglasses:

May this trend never go out in Jesus name.


I never still understand why you seem to prefer them flat :joy: I believe you are the only guy I know who does! But it’s good sha. At least girls like me go still get guys who like it not too bulky and ‘bodysome’ :joy: :joy: :joy:


Lol! You have big butts???:rofl: why are you concerned about the trend fading???


The type that two cups can sit on… Lemme run before @pretyprexy finds me


Heheheheee @Aje I don’t understand:laughing:


:fist: All day, everyday big butt reign supreme


As far i can remember knowing that girls are not soft boys, i have always love women who are endowed at the back. Nothing beats a woman with a big sexy ass my peeps. I don’t think it will go out of fashion because a lot of men love the KAKA as well. Plasmas, LCDS, LEDS girls don’t sell for me, cathode ray tube TV is the KOKO


I don’t think big boobs has lost its trend o


well, i guess i am biased because i am a carrier of em’ coughs’


Reasons why you don’t want to use a DP abi ? :sunglasses::sunglasses:




@maikel_Coker check this thread… You will understand…




:frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face: Is like that’s how you use to do?