Will you let your better half know your take home pay


A brother had a lover he was intending to marry. He had always been honest with her and she likewise. To him she was almost flawless. One day she demanded to know his monthly wages. He declined initially. But she kept asking day in day out. When he finally let the cat out of d bag and told her, she started being rude, despising, never taking his instructions. Like a snake would shed its skin, she transformed into a different person.
Nobody hates money. But did he do something wrong by telling her? Wouldn’t it have been still rosy with them if he kept it to himself?


lie, he must have done something to warrant/incure her attitude, she probably has been those thing before but he refused to see it that way.


Was the money smaller or more? You didn’t specify that…

Well, 2 things are involved:

  1. its either she is extremely into the relationship because of money,
  2. Or she is angry over something else…


55k , to d likes of @pretyprexy na chickini money. To others no be jokin matta. I tink her attitude changed bcos she is a house wife expected him to divide d money equally between him n her., which he is not doing.


Is there any man who wont mind to share his pay equally or, kukuma carry d whole thing give wife, for the sake of love.?


Well, its a salary and since you know that your man is trying, why bug your head about it? Its all about proper planning. Both of them should just sit and design what they want for their family…


Yes there are guys that would give the wife bits and keep more to squander … but there are still good guys who know how to provide enough for their family.


I think your friend was either embarrassed to say how much he earns or has trust issues… Both are unnecessary headaches, very few people rely on salary these days and why be with someone you can’t trust with embarrassing details about yourself. To be honest, 55k has to be combined with a number of sides hustles if he’s serious about marrying the lady; it’s possible the lady’s panic is being interpreted as disrespect. She has probably already done scenario analysis and can’t see how that money can support a family. The important thing is that the guy has to show hunger for more. Unless the lady is a “gold digger” ; I think most ladies will only lose respect when they sense contentment with status quo.


Yeah! Just blame the guy for the girl’s attitude.